Join us 'In-Person' or 'Online'              for the next Patchwork  Club...     ...starts 18th September, 6.30pm

                     Secure your place now, with an option that suits you!

Early Bird 

Pay all upfront and before 2nd August

for a fab Early Bird discount !



A perfect way to make a large saving on the total fee & get the payment out of the way!


Joining Plan A

Pay 1  large joining fee upfront and then pay the balance before we start or at the first meeting.


This gets most of the cost out of the way early so your balance is much smaller!


Joining Plan B

Pay 1 smaller joining fee and then  pay the balance before we start or even at the first meeting.


This is a great option to secure a place for a small fee & have time to save for the balance.

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