Frequently Asked Questions



Q.   I've never done any patchwork and have no tools or fabric, what do I need to buy for the club sessions?

A.   Don’t worry, there will be a list sent out if you want to buy some basics or, if you prefer, there will be basic patchwork kits available at the meeting for you to buy with a large 'member-only' discount.  There is also a 'Starter Kit' joining gift of patchwork goodies( worth £20) which contains various items you will use for EPP.



Q.   What if I need to miss a session?

A.   The idea of paying the whole fee upfront, and not weekly, is that every session features giveaways, handouts etc. If you miss a session you won’t miss out…everything will be there for you at the next meeting. 



Q.   I am experienced at sewing and patchwork, will the club take account of this  or is it only for beginners?

A.   The club caters for all skill levels and whilst some of the demos may be familiar techniques there will also be new approaches, designs, and challenges to stretch both your creativity and your skills.



Q.   Will I have to follow a Patchwork Club design or can I work on my own patchwork project?

A.   You can work on any design or project you like. There will be Club designs available and I can even design one for you!  However, if you have your own project then that’s just fine ( as long as it’s EPP !)



Q.   I can’t get to the meetings and want to join as an ‘Online’ member. How will I see the fabrics/items to buy and ask any questions I might have?

A.   The ‘Online’ members will have the same benefits as the In-person members. You will have access to clear photos of the fabric and other items you may wish to buy. You can buy these online and they will then be sent out to you.

Each week you will receive a link to a video of that week’s demo/tutorial. There will also be Q & A sessions in the private Facebookgroup where you can ask your questions. These answers will be documented and posted online, for you to refer to at any time.


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