Have you seen a great KitBag you fancy making but don't want to go it alone?

Do you want to learn a new skill?  

Would you like to get together with your friends for a relaxing activity session?

Why not join us at one of our KitBag classes or workshops?  

Coffee, Cake and Crafting - sound like it might be just up your street?  

We cater for every level and you get a KitBag and a host of new friends to work with while you make your project.  Expert help at hand and a warm welcome for every session. Have a look through our latest workshop programme and choose a project you would like to complete, then just e mail and book onto one of our sessions.  We will get you started and help you along the way. Then after coffee and cake and a bit of stitchy fun, you will leave with a completed project. (we even have our own KitBagBarn to host some sessions).

If you would like time to read through and decide on a workshop, then you can download a copy of the up-to-date list by clicking here

Picture of KitBagBarn crafting venue by KitBagCrafts KitBagBarn...our very own crafting venue


KitBagCrafts can put together a bespoke session for you and your friends, just contact us with your thoughts.  We provide everything you need for your group to make your chosen project.



Holding a kids party and need an activity party bag?

How fab to give out the bags then let the kids have a great time making up a simple project such as a badge or key ring. All the materials are in our mini 'KitBagParty' bags.  Just let us know how many you need and we will send you a large KitBag full of mini KitBags with some clear laminated instruction cards and, if you like, we can even have the bags personalised for your guests.

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