Welcome to KitBag Crafts.

KitBagCrafts is the very best place to either start or develop your crafting skills!

We provide everything you need to complete your chosen craft project with our unique approach...KitBag!

All of our KitBags contain full instructions to make your chosen project ranging from soft cuddly Teddy Bears to chic cushions and other stylish homewares.  You create your very own product and you do it with our step by step instructions and help.

We go the extra step and that's what makes us unique!  We can supply you with a kit where you do all the work from cutting out to finishing off...or we can do some of the more complicated parts for you.  We sell kits with everything cut out ready to sew or with partly sewn projects just waiting for your finishing touches. So, no matter what your skill level, you're sure to find something that fits the bill exactly.   What's more you can grow your skills with us by choosing more involved projects each time.

There's lots of information about KitBagCrafts throughout our website and we would love you to browse through the tabs and see the different products and services we offer.  

If you like to know more, then check out how KitBagCrafts was born...



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